Starting and stopping

MATLAB can be started by clicking on the selecting the "MATLAB" option in your startup tree or possible on your Windows desktop. When MATLAB is started, a window similar to the one below should appear:


The main window in MATLAB is the command window, positioned at the center, in which commands can be typed after the MATLAB prompt:


Commands are entered with the `return' key. The command is then executed by MATLAB. If MATLAB is ready, after possible outputs a new prompt appears.

The window on the left is the "Current directory" window. The "Current directory" window depicts the files in the current directory. This is the first user-governed directory where MATLAB will look for files or functions. On the top right you will find the "Workspace" window, in which all declared variables are shown. The bottom right window is the "Command history", where you can find all commands you have (recently) entered. By double-clicking on such a command, MATLAB reuses the command.

Stopping MATLAB can also be done in different ways:

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