Graph of a function

A possible way to draw the graph of $ f(x)$ is using the command plot. You should draw the graph using that command when the function $ f(x)$ is described by an array of function values. However, when you have a function file, for instance `f.m', which describes the specific function $ f(x)$ there is an alternative way. It is based on the command ezplot. For example,
>> ezplot('f(x)',[-2 3])
The command ezplot stands for easy-to-use function plotter. It plots the function $ f(x)$ over a specific domain. The expression $ f(x)$ has to be put between quotes ('). The plotting interval is given as a row vector consisting of the left endpoint and the right endpoint. The advantage of using this command is that it is easy (`ez') to change the interval to investigate the graph of $ f(x)$ in more detail.

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Esteur 2010-03-22